Neongecko Inc. Launches First-of-its-Kind Polylingual Conversational AI Website
New Conversation Processing Intelligence (CPI) Tools Integrate:  Online Conversations, Realtime Speech-to-Text, Realtime Text-to-Speech, Automated Translation, Automated Conversation Sharing, Database Lookup and AI Skills Three Column Chat


Renton WA  February 4, 2019 - Inc. today unveiled “” - the first conversational website to support multiple polylingual conversations, topics and threads.

Guy Daniels, Chief Software Developer at Neongecko, highlighted the advantage of working with Conversation Processing Intelligence technology: “ showcases unique conversational applications based on our state-of-the-art AI and speech processing environment. Our enabling technologies work in standard environments, for speech-to-text, text-to-speech, translation and real-time control. We utilize technology that wasn’t available before 2018 to make a new generation of conversational AI and universal translation possible.” is based on “Neon,” Neongecko’s suite of online Conversation Processing Intelligence™ tools. These tools enable users to interact in real-time with other users by using Artificial Intelligence Natural Language Understanding Skills to link with other relevant topics of discussion.  Conversations are supported across multiple media, including audio, video, speech-to-text and text-to-speech. 

Neon drives Neongecko’s AI Assistant, which captures conversations and performs next generation AI skills including polylingual conversations (for example, “Neon, speak to me in French”) and transcript recordings (for example, “Neon, email me my transcripts”), and other AI commands (for example, "Neon, play happy birthday,” “Neon, what’s the population of the United States?” or “What’s the weather in Paris?”) uses real-time speech-to-text processing to enable participation in multiple conversations in a single browser session and automatically shares relevant conversation segments between conversations that have converged. Conversation segments can be spoken or typed. These conversation segments might be a result of internal business conversations, business to end-user sales, business to end-user support, end-user to end-user social media, or simply connections between family and friends.

Real-time conversation transcription by Neon enables a new generation of applications, providing greater business efficiencies for: simultaneously working with multiple people and on multiple projects; interactively querying business information resources in conversations; providing options while on-hold; generating business marketing analytics from conversations; and generally enabling parallel interactions. 

Richard Leeds, Founder and President of Neongecko, said: " enables new applications in conversation processing and conversational AI, applications that improve productivity and facilitate better social interactions, for example in multiple languages and through multiple media. Neon enables a broad range of applications, and our NeonU and NeonX AudibleAI PCs showcase conversation processing applications that improve social media and user productivity, plus they provide new AudibleAI capabilities such as audio ‘likes.’ Of course, we only reconvey recordings with our users’ permission." software is showcased on more than 100 public demonstration websites under the Neon beta program. Use of the latest versions of Windows, Ubuntu or MacOS iOS is recommended.

Please visit using the standard Google Chrome web browser. Links to videos and images showcasing Neon’s conversational AI skills, audible advertising coupon applications, and polylingual capabilities are available at the company website: Neon software source code is available on GitHub (limited license).

About Neongecko.comNeongecko Inc. (Neongecko) works together with Conversation Processing Intelligence Corp (CPIC). Richard Leeds founded CPIC as an Internet research lab, and Neongecko to develop computer applications. CPIC is the owner/inventor of 8 patents for conversation processing and related applications granted in the US, Europe and China. Neongecko and CPIC are located in the Seattle area in Washington State. 

For further information:
Joshua Rekitt, 206-773-6536,
or Richard Leeds, 206-854-7100. Single Column Chat
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