About Neongecko.com Inc.
Meet the Neongecko Team 
Neongecko creates cutting-edge, conversational artificial intelligence to empower users with Neon AI skills such as real-time transcription, translation, voice command, audible advertising and much more.
Richard Leeds - President / Founder / Inventor  *  John Sample - CFO  *  ​Elon Gasper - Co-inventor / IP Development Lead
Guy Daniels - Chief Software Engineer  *  Dave LaRiviere - Lead Patent Attorney 
Daniel McKnight - Neon AI SDK Lead / Developer  *  Joshua Rekitt - User Experience / Web & Content Master  *  Rudy Darken - Assisting Patent Attorney
Our technology extends to any form of conversation

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Neongecko Inc.
15 S Grady Way
Suite 600 
Renton, WA 98057

(206) 232-7200


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