Neon AI Skills,  Neon AI PCs, Adaptive Forums,  and  Conversation Processing Intelligence

Neongecko is a Conversation Processing Lab, developing advanced conversational AI devices and internet applications.

The Neongecko Lab has developed exciting new products based on Conversation Processing Intelligence. Our conversational applications are based on speech processingNeon AI and Mycroft AI.

Our NeonX and NeonU PCs are full Linux Ubuntu PCs that come “ready to use” with a full office suite and installed Neon conversational Audible AI. 

Our Adaptive Forums internet chat application is available on over 100 websites. Our Klat Chat is a new, free, and easy way to keep you connected to important people in your life - your friends, family, associates and customers - in parallel, and with language translation and voice output! The Neon AI iframe is the worlds first flexible chat platform supporting Voice, Speech-to-Text and our Neon voice assistant. 

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