NeonX Polylingual Conversational AI Laptop Computer Debuts At CES 2019
Renton WAJanuary 8, 2019 - Neongecko Inc. has developed a new polylingual natural language AI laptop computer, “NeonX Touchscreen AudibleAI Enabled Ubuntu Laptop PC”. Debut is at CES 2019, the Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas NV January 8 to 11, 2019.
At CES, a demo of our NeonX laptop is at the booth (Sands Hall G 51507).
Neongecko is particularly excited to introduce:
(1) Conversational interactions with AI for a wide range of personal assistant skills, on a new personal computer platform.
(2) Unique polylingual support, where users can speak in their preferred language, and hear computer generated responses in their desired language, dialect and gender. Neon uses enabling technologies that translate more than 100 languages and dialects.
(3) A unique platform for coupons and advertising.

NeonX incorporates into our custom 3D printed enclosure: a mini Intel pc, 10” capacitive touch 1280x800 LCD display, stereo speakers, microphone, camera, keyboard, trackpad, USB-C wired connectors, internal bluetooth and wifi. Battery life is 3-4 hours. 

“Neon” is the name of Neongecko’s Audible AI conversational assistant, as in: “Hey Neon, what’s the weather in Seattle?” Or "Neon, play some jazz music". Or "Neon, speak to me in Spanish" (or in many other languages and dialects). Neon is an enhanced version of and supports a broad range of Audible AI skills. 

Links to videos showcasing Neon’s conversational AI skills, audible advertising coupons and polylingual capabilities are available at the company website
In addition, Neongecko offers "NeonU Universal Audio Audible AI enable PC” as a mini Intel pc, which connects to standard HDMI displays, speakers, microphones, cameras, keyboards, trackpads, using wired connectors, bluetooth and wifi. Neongecko also provides natural language AI on conversational Internet websites including
Neon integrates voice, text, video, STT, TTS, Conversation Processing Intelligence, AI skills processing, and the latest enabling technologies: real-time Internet communications for audio and video, real-time speech processing, real-time translation, and real-time interactive conversational inquiries of content on the web and in proprietary databases. Neon software source code is available on Git (limited license).
Both NeonX and NeonU are full Linux Ubuntu PCs that come “ready to use” with both a full (opensource) office suite and installed “conversational AI". NeonX will be priced at $799. NeonU will be priced at $359. Sample orders are immediately available by special order. 
About Neongecko - Neongecko Inc. develops applications in conjunction with Conversation Processing Intelligence Corp. (CPI). NGI and CPIC together are an IP developer and an advanced research lab developing “Conversation Processing Intelligence™” - tools that merge new computer technology, digital communications, social media and conversation processing, to improve communication. Neon, NeonX and are based on patented technology, with 8 patents for conversation processing granted, and related applications, in the US, Europe and China. Neongecko Inc. and Conversation Processing Intelligence Corp. are located in Renton Washington.
For further information, please contact Joshua Rekitt, cell 206-773-6536, or Richard Leeds, cell 206-854-7100.
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Neongecko Inc. 
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