Neon AI Conversation Processing Intelligence Demonstrations

 Interested in seeing demonstrations of our products? Check out the videos below to see what Neon Conversational AI can do for your applications, internet systems and audio devices.

Neon is equipped with a ton of Basic Skills.

Neon Demonstration - Watch Neon answer many types of questions, quickly and easily at


Get your home under control
Home Automation
Device Control: OpenHAB for home automation comes standard. You can easily control your home with the sound of your voice. 
Clapper Process - More ways to communicate with NeonX. Watch as the clapper process is calibrated.

Polylingual Demonstration of Spanish, French, and English in 3 columns.
Translation Skills 
Poly lingual Demonstration - Watch Neon translate multiple languages simultaneously.
Multiple Languages - Responses to questions in English/French and Spanish/Polish
Spanish Translation Questions - Watch Neon translate English questions to Spanish answers. 
Polish - Watch while Neon translates Polish to English and English to Polish on
Dutch - Watch Neon translate Dutch to English and English to Dutch! Try it out for yourself at
Portuguese - Neon translates English to Portuguese. It can also translate Portuguese to English. Fast, easy, and free at
Italian - Watch the chat, with help from NeonAI, turn English to Italian - and back!
German - See Neon translating English to German - and back - on the chat.
French - Neon translates English to French and French to English. 
Swedish - The chat, with help from Neon, translates Swedish to English - and back.


Introduction to NeonX, a customized PC enhanced with Neon Technology
Introduction to - Learn to talk to Neon on our page
Basic Skills - Math, weather, time/date, and more. 
More Basic Skills - Calories, distance, and math. 
NeonX Basic Skills - Answers to basic questions on our NeonX device. 


AvPlay is Music your way!
AVPlay Music on NeonX - NeonX comes standard with AVPlay - so you can play music you love, with the sound of your voice, absolutely free. 
AVPLAY Music - Watch Neon play music fast and free in the chat.


Caffeine Wiz has the answers you have been looking for.
Database Integration
Database Query - Powered by Caffeine Wiz which is dedicated to helping users determine the caffeine content of popular coffee drinks, beverages, and boosters.


Keep track of the brands and coupons that matter to you.
Brands / Coupons 
Track My Brands - Quickly discover coupons for the brands you love. Fast and free!
Track My Brands - Watch Neon track brands and give coupons on
Tell me my coupons - Watch NeonX give audible coupons for brands
NeonX Brand Tracking - A longer demonstration of the NeonX Track My Brands. 


Never forget with our automatic transcriptions. 
Transcription Skills 
Send my Transcripts - Watch NeonX send transcripts


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