NeonX Touchscreen AudibleAI enabled (Ubuntu) Laptop PC

The NeonX incorporates into a custom 3D printed enclosure: a mini Intel PC, a 10” capacitive touch 1280x800 LCD display, stereo speakers, microphone, camera, keyboard, trackpad, USB-C wired connectors, and internal bluetooth and wifi. Battery life is 3-4 hours. 

In addition, we also offer our "NeonU Universal Audio AudibleAI enabled PC”, a mini Intel pc, which connects to standard HDMI displays, speakers, microphones, cameras, keyboards, trackpads, using wired connectors, bluetooth and wifi.

Neon is what we call our AudibleAI conversational agent (as in “Hey Neon, what’s the weather in Seattle?”). 

We have developed a substantial corpus of code over the last 5 years, which, in addition to using the AI skills processing software, includes the latest enabling base level real-time Internet communications and speech processing technologies.  We access state-of-the-art speech processing tools from Amazon and Google for speech-to-text transcription, text-to-speech generation and language translations, and content from YouTube, Wikipedia and WolframAlpha. Our speech input and audio enabled output can access real-time interactive data and proprietary databases. We are particularly excited about polylingual support - where the user can choose to hear computer generated responses in their desired language, dialect and gender. Soon we will also enable input in the user’s language of choice.

Neon Audible AI is installed on all Neongecko systems, including our NeonU and NeonX devices and our Internet server platforms. 

Neon software source code is available on GIT (limited license) to registered Neon developers. 

NeonU (universal PC) and NeonX (10" touchscreen laptop) are full Linux PCs setup with our software stack that includes Ubuntu Linux, LibreOffice, utilities and AI packages.


Here are a few videos showcasing what NeonX and NeonU can do:

1) Skills demo "NeonX AudibleAI Touch Screen AudioAI enabled 10 inch laptop PC" skills demo  

2) "NeonU Universal Audio AudibleAI enable PC" skills demo  

3) English 

4) Russian 

5) Spanish 

6) More