Welcome Conversational AI Developer
Create the Future with the Neon AI Software Development Kit 
Take your applications and devices to the next level by collaborating with Neongecko. We have years of advanced Audible AI development experience. Our white label Conversational AI SDK is a foundation of easy to install code with endless possibilities. Our polylingual AI offers real time translation, transcription, natural language understanding, home automation, and more.
SDK Instructions Table of Contents
1. Neon AI Technology Stack Overview for Developers
  The Neon AI Software Development Kit offers Advanced AI and Natural Language Understanding
2. Neon Nano
  The Neon Nano can be installed on any website in one line of code, easily adding AI capability to any website in seconds. 
3. Neon Structure Diagrams
  Neon Organizational Structure Schematic and Program Flow Diagrams
4. Neon AI Software Development Kit Installation Instructions
  Set up Neon AI in minutes. Follow along as we guide you every step of the way.
  We're going to look at how to install Neon on a Windows computer. This method is not recommended over installing Ubuntu on your computer.
6. Video - Neon AI: SDK Installation
  Installing the Neon SDK on an Ubuntu machine and then giving it a quick test to make sure our installation went smoothly.
7. Video - Neon AI: Connecting to PyCharm
  We show you how to install PyCharm and connect that to our Neon SDK.
8. Video - Neon AI: Making an Adapt Skill (Part 1)
  Take a look at creating your first Neon AI skill using Adapt. Make sure you have your Neon SDK and PyCharm installed first.
9. Video - Neon AI: Using Regex (Part 2)
  We're going to continue working on our first skill, and I'm going to show you how to use regular expression files in your skill processing.
10. Video - Neon AI: Using Padatious (Part 3)
  We continue looking at our launcher skill. Specifically, we're going to look at moving from using the Adapt intent engine to using Padatious.


Thank you for your interest. We are delighted to help keep you up to date by letting you know about new developments in this field and our offerings.