Neon Audible AI Guide
Neon Voice Assistant Technology
Neon Audible AI is easy to use conversational AI, which can answer all of your questions. The following sections provide you ways to access Neon AI and will provide more information about the services and skills that it offers. 

Table of Contents
1.  Neon Conversational AI Apps
     Neon Audible AI provides the foundation for personal assistants, buiness applications, home automation, and more.
      NeonX Touchscreen Audible AI enabled Laptop PC
      NeonU Universal Audio Audible AI enabled PC
     The Neon Widget adds Audible AI to any web page in just 5 lines of HTML
     The Klat system of websites adds Neon Widget adds Audible AI to hundreds of chat sites
     The Neon Conversational AI includes the foundation of Mycroft.AI
6Neon AI Skills
     Neon Audible AI Skills enable new Advanced Conversational AI Hardware and Software for Home and Business

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