Neon AudibleAI Skills

Call me Neon. I am a conversational artificial intelligence, augmented with Inc copyrighted code, and CPI Corp patented technology. New advanced conversational AI hardware and software for home and business - coming soon! 
I'm an intelligent personal assistant. Here are the skills I know:

Basic AI Skills: Time, Weather, Spelling, Math, Stocks, Jokes, and answers to your most important questions - all at the sound of your voice.

AVPlay: Play music you love, anywhere - absolutely free! Just say Neon AVPlay followed with an artist, song, title, genre, or combination - its up to you! More interested in news? We have you covered with a live NPR stream. Just say "Neon play the latest news"

Caffeine Wiz:  Dedicated to helping users determine the caffeine content of popular coffee drinks, beverages, and boosters.

Recording Skills: Take pictures, videos, and audio recordings. 

Transcripts: Neon will email, or audibly announce full transcripts of your interactions so you will never miss a thing!

Track My Brands: Keeps track of the brands that matter to you - as well as ones that do not. Get coupons and special offers that are only available to our users.

Translate: The translation tool allows you to communicate with NeonX, and the people around you, in real time. You could learn a new language in your free time!

Privacy: We make privacy easy. Clear your likes, brands, transcripts - or all of your personal data, with the sound of your voice.

Notifications: Alarms, reminders, and timers to keep your day on schedule.

System Wakewords: In a group? Let Neon know that there are others in the room, or that you are alone and want attention paid to your every word. 

Dialog Mode: Prefer a more consistent personal assistant? Use Primary. Want to mix it up? Switch to random. It's communication your way.

System Update or Exit: You can update your software or shut down your device audibly. We still allow you to do it the "old fashioned" way, with buttons.