Neon AI Skills
Enabling new advanced conversational AI hardware and software for home and business
Call me Neon. I am a conversational artificial intelligence assistant, augmented with Inc copyrighted code, and CPI Corp patented technology. I am equipped with many skills to make your life easier, and more fun, including:
alarm Schedules and sets alarms with Neon. Neon set an alam for 9:30am
AVmusic Plays music and videos by request.   Play some JS Bach music / Pause
Record and playback short audio clips with Neon.
Neon start recording
Provides the caffeine content of one or multiple drinks on request.
How much caffeine in *
Get Neon to speak the time, date, or day of the week of any city around the globe.
What time is it in Paris 
Neon skill for handling system commands.
Neon, begin skipping wake words
Use of DuckDuckGo services as a fallback to answer questions.
Duck-duck-go Service
Unknown request fallback handler. Executes if every other step failed to answer.
General knowledge fallback handler based on [Wolfram Alpha] services.
Wolfram How far away is the moon
Skill that lets Neon catch user’s preferences from the list of available brands.
I like neon
Retrieves the IP address, and responds verbally to the user.
What is my ip address?
Let Neon tell you a joke or a small humorous saying.
Tell me a joke
Request the list of coupons, relevant to your current interests.
Tell me my coupons
Enables use of Mycroft’s STT and other services.
Put Neon to sleep when you don't want to be disturbed.
Go to sleep
Control of smart devices connected to an openHAB server on the same network.
List my home control items
Skill used for introduction between the user and Neon.
who are you
Set single and repeating reminders for tasks.
Neon remind me to go home at 7 pm
Have Neon repeat and say what you want.
Neon say hello
Have Neon help you spell words.
Neon spell microphone
stock  This skill provides stock values What is the share price for IBM
stop Stop the actions of any skill that is in progress. stop
Provides an option to send current logs via email.
create a support ticket
Create and manage multiple timers.
Neon how much time is left
This skill provides translation and switching TTS/STT languages functionality.
speak to me in spanish
Take pictures and videos.
Video record for 10 seconds
Have Neon help you change and control your user settings.
Enable clap commands
Control microphone and speaker audio levels.
Increase volume
weather Get the current weather and forecast info What is the weather in Paris?
Have Neon help you change and control your wifi settings.
Start wifi Setup
Query [Wikipedia] for answers to all your questions. Summary or in-depth information.
Tell me about the internet.

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