Neon AI Skill and AI Assistant Examples
Enabling new advanced conversational AI hardware and software for home and business
Call me Neon.
I am a conversational artificial intelligence assistant, augmented with code, and Conversation Processing Intelligence technology.
I am equipped with many skills to make your life easier, and more fun!
Here are a few examples:
"AVPlay cookie baking tutorial"
"AVPlay the news"
"Be quiet"
"Begin skipping wake words"
"Clear my user data"
"Create a support ticket"
"Create a troubleshooting package"
"Decrease volume"
"Dim room light to 20%"
"Email me my coupons"
"Email me my transcripts"
"Enable clap commands"
"Enable quiet hours"
"Erase audio recording"
"Go to sleep"
"Go to sleep for 30 minutes"
"How about a joke"
"How do you spell Aardvark?"
"How much caffeine in {drink}"
"I do not like Alpha"
"I like Amazon"
"I like Neon"
"Increase volume"
"List my home control items"
"List the brands I like"
"Make me laugh"
"Mute volume"
"My network name is"
"My password is"
"Nap time"
"Play some JS Bach music"
"Record 5 minutes of audio"
"Record 5 minutes of video"
"Say Goodnight Gracie"
"Say hello"
"Search for chocolate"
"Send me my coupons"
"Set a 5 minute Timer"
"Set an alarm for 9:30 AM"
"Set volume to 8"
"Show me my last picture"
"Shut up"
"Speak I can say anything you'd like!"
"Speak to me in English and French"
"Speak to me in Spanish"
"Spell microphone"
"Start recording"
"Start WiFi setup"
"Take a video"
"Talk faster"
"Tell me a joke"
"Tell me about beans"
"Tell me about the internet"
"Tell me an adult joke"
"Tell me coupons for Microsoft"
"Tell me more"
"Tell me my coupons"
"Tell me your IP address"
"Translate cherry to Russian"
"Turn on desk lamp"
"Use imperial"
"Use metric"
"Video record for 10 seconds"
"Wake up"
"What day is it?"
"What is my ip address?"
"What is the caffeine content of Coca-Cola"
"What is the forecast for Seattle?"
"What is the share price for IBM"
"What is the stock price for Microsoft?"
"What is the weather in Paris?"
"What is your name?"
"What time is it in Paris?"
"What time is it?"
"Whats my IP?"
"What's the date?"
"When were you born?"
"When will it rain next?"
"Who are you"
Skills are limited to platform capabilities. Not all skills are available on Nano, Android, Klat and Neon U.


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