Neongecko Introduces New Neon AI™ Script Engine™ With "Eliza Conversations" and Audio Browsing Scripts
High level programming languages are changing the AI landscape, and Neon AI is leading the way.

Renton, WA – 01/6/2020 – Inc. today introduces the new Neon AI™ Script Engine™. This innovative application allows users to enter customizable conversational artificial intelligence scripts.

This technology enables the creation of complex audible scripts with an easy to use interface that can be accessed through the Neon AI app on multiple platforms, including (advanced social media platform which includes hundreds of niche websites), the Neon AI Software Development Kit (GitHub SDK for programmers), the Neon AI Nano (Neon AI HTML for website designers), Neon AI personal devices (NeonX™, NeonU™ and NeonK™ soon) and the Neon AI Communicator for Android (available on the Google Play store).

The Neon AI Script Engine, available exclusively from Neongecko, is a high level programming language for scripting conversational AI, audio, textual, and gestural interactions. A variety of services can be performed including information lookup, enhanced artificial intelligence “skills”, live demonstrations, website navigation and personal scripting. Intended applications of this technology include personalized store greeters, conversational AI assistants, transcription, translation, and medical instruction reminders, as well as entertainment and home automation.

At the announcement, Neongecko demonstrated the Neon AI Script Engine with:
(1) the recently integrated Apple website audio browser, and

(2) the classic person-centered therapist “ELIZA” to show the ease of natural language processing and scripting.

Sometimes termed "natural language understanding", Neon AI Scripts use static strings, audio recordings, substitutions, synonyms, and response matching based on user input (utilizing neural networks) to interact with users.


About Neon AI

Neongecko Inc., developer of Neon AI, was founded in 2000 and works together with Conversation Processing Intelligence Corp. to produce advanced voice technology, develop conversational processing tools, applications, websites and systems. CPI Corp. has been granted 9 patents for conversation processing and related applications in the US, Europe and China. Neongecko offers commercial licenses and provides open source software for noncommercial applications. Inc. and CPI Corp. are located in Renton, Washington, in the Seattle-metro area.


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